Vibrational Review: what is it?

Vibrational review is a specific review: through muscle testing I can tell the vibration of a person, on the scale of consciousness, a product vibration, the truth value of a claim, etc.

That is the basis of a vibrational review.

My claim to “fame” is that I am a true empath, which means I can connect to anything and anyone at will… I connect to Source with the Tangerine Method, then to the “thing” or person. I know when I am connected because all my feelings then are not my own, but the feeling of the “thing” or person.

I also make assessment from the person’s internal state, by what they feel. And then I muscle test for their vibrational assessment, or the truth value.

It is simple for me.

In my experience, a “normal” empath doesn’t have the ability to connect at will. That is the difference.

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Carol Tuttle is really an energy healer?

carol tuttle will put an attachment on youOMG… everyone trained in witchery, in sorcery, everyone who can put an attachment or cord on you is now qualified to call themselves an energy healer.

No energy, no healing. Just plain marketeering.

Carol Tuttle will put an attachment on you, and leave it in. You’ll have your Life force drain through it, so you will be worse off than before.

You’ll be so weak that you won’t be able to hear your soul’s weak voice.

Congratulations, you got sucked in again. This time “only death do us part” unless, of course, you ask ME to remove Carol’s energetic attachments.

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The deep, deep sleep of England

Hans Kundnani


One of my favourite passages in the English language is the last paragraph of George Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia (1938). In it he describes coming back to Blighty after fighting in the Spanish Civil War, in which he was shot in the neck and nearly killed. Forseeing World War II and in particular the Blitz, he captures beautifully the sense of cognitive dissonance one often has on returning from the world to the familiarity of England. The passage also evokes Britain’s tendency to ignore developments in contintental Europe until it is too late: the “deep, deep sleep of England”. It seems to me as apt in 2012 as it was in 1938:

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Energy medicine energy remedy energy healing

I never believed in energies, until 2010. I actually thought of anyone who babbled on about energies that they were flakes… I accompanied my boy friend to a get-together with a friend. They spent a few hours swapping energies… Showing off.

I was prepared to be bored, instead I was, in quick succession, tormented, delighted, soothed, uplifted, and torn apart by the energies they gave to each other.

Energies can be defined, felt, transmitted, and infused in suitable medium.

You go to the chiropractor and they use light or laser therapy… you see the light, you believe that something is happening.

You get X-ray: you believe that something is happening.

You put your food into the microwave: it heats up… there must be something there… energy?

I put my hands on your head, and you believe that I am doing something… right?

flowers… you believe in the chemical componentDr. Bach and his followers soak flower petals in water… you believe in the chemical component. They dilute it to pure water… you still believe that… after all they started with SOMETHING… a flower.

I download energies on a call… maybe you believe it.

I tell you that the energies are carried by the sound… and you are doubtful, that’s why you never use the replays or the audio activators: all carriers of a specific, laser pinpointed energy or energies… Must be mass hypnosis, you say when you look at the testimonials.

I infuse the energies into liquid, and you say: definitely not true.

And you lose. You lose because your world view got stuck in an outmoded world view: if you can’t see it it doesn’t exist.

I have gone through all the phases you will need to go through to appreciate and incorporate the new into your world view.

I remember a Star Trek episode, where a doctor of another civilization healed an incurable patient by just sending him some energies… it felt sooo hokey to me, and this was just a few years ago.

I remember doubting the Bach Flower Remedies… or any homeopathic remedy.

Today I am ahead of you.

Energies can be “bottled” and used as if I put my sweet hands on your body. They work, and they work precisely, specifically, and fast.

chakra treatments are bogus and bsOf course, because you don’t know what they are doing… you can be faked. Big time. Example: chakra clearning, etc… chakra treatments are bogus and bs.

The problem is the “practitioner.” In my humble opinion, unless you can feel what the energy does to another person, you are not qualified to be an energy practitioner… because you base everything on your beliefs… believing what someone told you.

Tree of Knowledge.

energyThe only real measure of success is what happens… reliably, every time.

Everything else is hearsay, and largely ineffective bs. Sorry to say.

I have more empaths among my readers, students, and customers, than would, proportionately, justified by their frequency in the population. There are only a couple of thousand of them in the world, and I have about 40 of them reading my articles, doing my programs.

Being an empath means a lot of things, but it also means that you approach the world with your feelings, and that you feel energies. You feel them precisely, the exact same way like any other empath.

A normal non-empath person doesn’t feel much, and even a sensitive is feeling another stronger than they feel their own feelings..

Feeling an energy is not a requirement for the energy to work on you. Your sensitivity is below the subtle energies… that’s why you don’t feel them. But the results, those you see, feel, and experience.


SleepRescuebottlefrontSleep Rescue aka Heaven on Earth: Effectively deals with all 40 emotions that cause blockages. Look them up.
What kind of energies do I use in the remedies and in the activators?

the Bach Energies Bundle (HOE) sold infused in water on Amazon as Sleep Rescue
the Unclove Bundle is in the Unclove Remedy
The Second and Third Phase Activators Bundle
these are all emotional and spiritual energies and can all be infused in water or downloaded through audio
The Energizer – energizes water to its full vibration. Restores the water’s coherence
The Carrier – neutral amplifying energy to make the subtle energies stronger and carry through air.

Diagnostic and healing energies:
G-Energy, and the

These are very strong energies and I rarely use them other than healing or diagnosing physical issues.

PS: as I was looking for images for this post, I encountered sites and entire modalities that engage in fraud and misguiding tree of knowledge. Beware, please.

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Energy remedies make you free happy and effective in life

Energy Remedy is a new thing and most people don’t know what it is. Most people ask what is an energy? What does it mean energies are infused in water?

The answer is simple I can connect and download any energy that matches the wave signature of an emotion and that energy I download will battle it out with the emotion you feel… More often than not the energy I download is stronger than your negative emotion, so it wins.

When I am done, you feel lighter, free, can breathe, and unencumbered.

I can infuse that same energy in water, and when you drink it, it is like you have me at your beck and call 24 hours a day. Every time you drink your remedy, the energy downloads again and again.

So you can be free and happy and effective in life.

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What are energies

Everything is energy. This is by now a cliche. But more than anything, emotions are really energies. And as any energy, you could learn it in physics, you can amplify it or kill it.

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Energy remedies introduction

I have started a new site called Energy remedies by Sophie. That is the brand I am trying to establish. my site is

very witty, isn’t it?

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